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● F8+ is an 8" two-way full-range speaker with built-in passive crossover via computer detection

● Using the Italian CLIO computer test equipment for detailed sound quality measurement

● Treble uses 1.75" B diluted diaphragm, 90OH/50OV CD horn, making the high frequency more transparent, bright, more penetrating, with optimized performance woofer, with long-range projection strength and flexibility

● Special trapezoidal box design, sturdy box structure, easy to install and array, black polyester waterproof paint for cabinet, easy to protect, not only waterproof, moisture-proof, light-resistant, and easy to protect daily

● In addition to the standard hanging device, the mounting method also has a metal bracket hole at the bottom of the box to meet the installation requirements of different places.

● This speaker is suitable for sports venues, theaters, DISCO, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

● When a wider sound field effect is required, it can be combined with S15, LS500 and other ultra-low frequency boxes for better sound field effect.


● +1/+2 and -1/2 are the input terminals of all the speakers, and can be used in parallel with other speakers through the output socket, but it is necessary to pay attention to the matching of all speaker impedances and amplifiers at this time.

● Please do not overload the machine for a long time to avoid damage to the speaker, especially the unit.

● To avoid equipment damage, please pay attention to the matching and normal use of the amplifier and equipment.


Use the processor or data used to provide reference for the best performance to ensure the stability of the unit

Technical Parameters

  • Model MODEL F8+ two-way full range

  • Frequency Response Frequency Response 70-20000 Hz±3db 55 Hz @-10db

  • Unit 1 x 8 inch low frequency 1 x 1 inch compression high frequency

  • Power Rated Power Aes 150W (max. 600W)

  • Sensitivity (1W / 1m) Sensitivity 93db

  • Maximum sound pressure (SPL) MaximumSpl Continuous 113db (continuous) 119db (peak)

  • Nominal impedance 8Ω

  • Cover angle (horizontal × vertical) Dispersion 90 degrees × 50 degrees

  • Socket 2×NEUTRIK NL4

  • Accessories 10×M8, 4×M6

  • Volume (width × height × depth) Dimensions 299 × 435 × 269 (mm)

  • Weight (each) Weight 12 kg

Total Measurement