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G10 coupled full frequency system (discontinued)

G10 Coupled Full Frequency System:

The G10 is an ultra-compact, versatile 2-way full-range speaker system with a high-power, optimized 10-inch low-frequency driver and 1.75 loaded with a traditional horn waveguide with a 90° x 50° angle of rotation. Inch high density compression drive. Accurate coverage angles easily achieve excellent spatial sound field coverage and provide high-definition sound to the listener with only subtle sound field spillovers. It ensures that the sound waves can reach the audience at the same time. This clear and consistent sound image helps to identify and locate the direction of the source. This speaker is low-frequency and strong, with deep dive and full volume. The mid-frequency is smooth, sweet and clear. The high frequency is clear and extremely penetrating. Because of the excellent performance of this audio and video vocal, the bandwidth is wide, the sound reproduction is natural and smooth, the pointing coverage is stable, the diffusion range is large, and the simple cabinet design is convenient for mobile or permanent hoisting. It is a performance venue with extremely high requirements, such as Vocal and instrumental performances, the best speaker system for high standard luxury venues.

Product Features

● Compact, built-in two-way system

● 90°*50° rotatable horn

● Can be fixed by speaker bracket

● User-friendly installation options and accessories

System Applications

● KTV private room, karaoke room, stage monitor

● Clubs, bars, night clubs

● Theater, multi-purpose hall, church

● Audio and video demonstration occasions

Technical Parameters

Total Measurement

  • Type: 2-way full range speaker

  • Application: High quality near field propagation and stage monitoring

  • Frequency response: 65Hz-21KHz±3dB

  • Rated power: 300W/8Ω

  • Peak power: 1200W

  • Sensitivity: 96dB/w/m

  • Maximum sound pressure: 122dB (continuous) 128dB (peak)

  • Covering angle: 90°*50°

  • High frequency: 1*1.75"

  • Low frequency: 1*10"

  • Input connector: 2*Neutrik NL4MP

  • Size (W × D × H) mm: 300 * 270 * 510

  • Weight: 15KG