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Introduction to LS500

● LS500 is a 15" supercardioid array subwoofer

● Using the Italian CLIO computer test equipment for detailed sound quality measurement

● Bass uses 4" voice coil, using low-frequency generator with super-cardioid physical characteristics, optimized performance waterproof woofer makes low-frequency projection stronger, penetrating and flexible

● Special cabinet design, sturdy Flying track buckle cap type cabinet structure for quick installation and array

● The cabinet is painted with black polyester waterproof paint, which is easy to protect, not only waterproof, moisture-proof, light-resistant, but also easy to protect daily.

● In addition to the standard hanging device, the mounting method also has a metal bracket hole at the top of the box to meet the installation requirements of different places.

● This speaker is suitable for theaters, VIP rooms, DISCO, night clubs, conference rooms, multi-purpose halls and other entertainment venues.

● When a wider sound field effect is required, a full-range speaker such as the PS10 can be used in combination to have a better sound field effect.


● +1/-1 is the bass input terminal, which can be used in parallel with other speakers, but it should be noted that the impedance of the speaker is 4Ω, which must match the lowest impedance of the amplifier.

● Please do not overload the machine for a long time to avoid damage to the speaker, especially the unit.

● To avoid equipment damage, please pay attention to the matching and normal use of the amplifier and equipment.


Use the processor or data used to provide reference for the best performance to ensure the stability of the unit

Technical Parameters

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