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Introduction to RS15

The RS15 subwoofer is the new generation of directional low frequency control newly developed by WAX engineers. Its technical point is to optimize the physical position of the unit position and the sound surface (radiation surface) and the pores of the cabinet. The end-to-front portion will increase due to the frequency reduction. It can also be configured into different polarity pointing modes when used independently.

Main features of the product

● The cabinet is low, the output is large, modular, and the low frequency system is expandable.

● Can form an array to enhance the heart-shaped pointing effect

● The cardioid pointing mode can make the low-frequency sound pressure level behind the main sound system decrease due to the decrease of the reflected waves on the two sides and the back wall.

● Can match all WAX speaker series

system applications

● Near-field use of mobile performances

● Suitable for theaters, private clubs, DISCO, night clubs, multi-purpose halls, etc.

● Better combination with PS15-R2

Technical Parameters

Total Measurement

  • Low frequency unit size: 2*15

  • Rated power: 800W

  • Peak power: 3200W

  • Impedance: 2*4Ω

  • Frequency response: 33Hz-250Hz±3dB

  • Sensitivity: 105dB SPL Nominal 1W at 1 meter (omnidirectional mode) 103dB SPL Nominal 1W at 1 meter (heart mode)

  • Maximum sound pressure level: 133-138dB

  • Dimensions (W*D*H mm): 1075*563*450

  • Weight: 55.5KG